Commercial Moving Services in Grand Junction, CO

If your business is growing or expanding to new facilities, it’s important to hire qualified movers to help you facilitate the relocation. At Total Move LLC, we’re ready to help you make the transition quickly and effectively, so you can get back to work in your new offices right away.

Our full-service office movers in Junction, CO make commercial moves as easy as possible, by handling all of the stress-inducing tasks that can set your move back. We don’t just provide the equipment needed for a move—we also provide the services needed to give you peace of mind:

Move assessment

We come to your offices to survey the scope of your move. This allows us to determine an upfront quote for you, while also giving us the insight needed to do the job well. We’ll make sure we arrive with the right packing and moving supplies, and that we understand the depth of your moving needs going into things.

Packing services

We can pack up everything associated with your move and ensure it’s properly loaded onto our trucks. This includes all manner of items—including sensitive electronics, large and oversized items, fragile pieces and more. We’ll get everything boxed, wrapped, taped, packaged and protected before it goes on the truck.


With everything loaded up, all we need is the address of your new facilities and we’ll make sure it all gets there in one piece! Our drivers are trained and have excellent track records, and we’re fully insured for your peace of mind during the transition.


When we get to your new offices, we’ll take care of the unpacking. All you have to do is show up the next day and you’ll be ready to work! Our commercial movers in Junction, CO take the time to properly unpack your things and handle everything with care so it’s ready for you to use.

To experience hassle-free commercial and business moving firsthand, get in touch with the professionals at Total Move LLC today! We’re ready to provide you with a quote on moving services and will make sure your business is fully relocated in no time at all.